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Real ID gets an Extension
Josh Noel, Chicago Tribute, 1/13/2016

An article in Chicago's leading paper purported a surprising "good news" story on a Friday evening in that the state will not face enforcement of the REAL ID Act at airports unless it is still out of compliance in 2018, giving it two additional years to meet the requirements. The states have already had ten years and the majority have already met all the requirements or are on track to meet them. Illinois is not one of them. We believe the states have had ample time meet the requirements or at least get on the trajectory to doing so and another delay in  enfrocement is damaging to DHS's credibility and leaves our airplanes less safe. Our policy director, Andrew Meehan, was quoted in the article,  saying that at least "The silver lining of all the recent discussion about Real ID is that editorial boards and state legislatures are finally taking a closer look." Click here for the story

Maryland Announces New Secure Driver's Licenses, but they're not Meeting Homeland Security Regulations​ 

After the State of Maryland announced that it will begin issuing new high-tech driver's licenses, our Director of Policy wrote in the Baltimore Sun that despite the upgrades, the new design might prevent Maryland residents from boarding airplanes. The licenses will incorporate state of the art anti-counterfeiting features but are missing a key distinction that will make the state fall out of compliance with the REAL ID Act. Click here for the story


Max Bluestein in USA Today

Director of Research Max Bluestein published an April 14, 2015 op ed in USA Today about the risks of fake IDs to our national security. The column, titled "Fake IDs a bigger issue than underage drinking", highlighted the risks of high quality counterfeit U.S. driver's licenses flooding in from China.  Click here to see the story.


USA Today Editorial: Real ID is about to get real for states
USA Today Editorial Board, 1/8/2016

14 years after 9/11 hijackers had no trouble getting driver's licenses, time to crack down.​
Click here for the story

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CSDL in the News: The Importance of Governor Cuomo's 
Fake ID Crackdown

Fox40, 9/14/2015

Governor Andrew Cuomo has sent out the results of a statewide effort to crackdown on underage drinking and fake IDs. This crackdown took place at, where else? Summer concerts in New York. The end result is 133 arrests made with 63 false identity documents confiscated.  Click here for the story.

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Politico: States Get Two Year Reprieve on REAL ID 

Martine Powers and Jennifer Scholtes, Politico, 1/11/16

In a post led in with, "new clarity on REAL ID", Politico says that the states may be breathing a sigh of relief now that they have two more years to meet the Act's requirements after hustling to comply or facing enforcement at airports. Our Policy Director, Andrew Meehan, is quoted in the article as someone who's "not happy". He explains that the additional delay damages DHS's credibility by pushing the states to act and then delaying yet again. Click here for the story.​​

New Mexico: Governor Martinez Signs REAL ID Legislation​ 

Governor Susana Martinez signed legislation that will allow New Mexico to comply with the REAL ID Act. New Mexico plans to issue compliant licenses by the fall of the this year. The 2005 REAL ID Act prohibits federal agencies from accepting driver's licenses that do not meet standards set by the Department of Homeland Security. Since 2003, New Mexico has issued driver's licenses without requiring proof of lawful status, a key component of the REAL ID standards. The New Mexico legislature passed legislation that allows the state to comply with the REAL ID Act, and allows the state to issue driving authorization cards for applicants who cannot or choose not to provide proof of lawful status. Consistent with the requirements of the REAL ID Act, New Mexico driving authorization cards will have a different appearance than a standard REAL ID license and state on the face of the license, "not for official purposes." Click here for the story

CSDL in the News: Terminal Confusion? DHS push could make some IDs invalid for flying

Fox News, 12/30/2015, Adam Shaw

Millions of air travelers across the U.S. are potentially at risk of finding themselves grounded in the new year thanks to a post-9/11 law that took a decade to finally come into effect. The REAL ID Act, originally passed in 2005, was meant to tighten standards for government-issued IDs like driver's licenses -- to boot, it banned federal agencies from accepting any IDs that don't meet the bar. That means the TSA technically shouldn't accept driver's licenses from certain states, once the law is in full effect. While Washington let the rules slide for years, the Department of Homeland Security could start to enforce them in 2016 and is pushing states to comply.  Click here for the article

CSDL in the News: It's Time for a National Strategy on Fake IDs 
Max Bluestein, Daily Caller Editorial Board, 12/31/2015

There have been many strategic rifts between al-Qaeda and ISIS, but they haven’t split on one operational maxim: get fake IDs to avoid detection. The 9/11 Commission concluded in its final 2004 report that “for terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons.” That’s because the 9/11 hijackers used over 30 different fraudulent IDs between 18 terrorists to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, hide from law enforcement, enroll in flight schools, and board the aircraft that took 3,000 lives. Click here for the article.

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Andrew Meehan on Fox News

Our Policy Director, Andrew Meehan, on Fox News April 7, speaking about two tier driver's licenses. Click the picture for the story.