The Fake ID Crisis - Despite the successful attacks in Europe, we know that the United States remains a top target for the Islamic State and the organization has pledged to hang its black flag over the White House and has directly threatened Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, and California as its next targets - and it has already attacked California as well as Texas. However, we can still disarm terrorist of fake IDs here, before it's too late.

Counterfeit IDs: A National Security, Public Safety Threat​ - Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit driver's licenses and ID cards are in circulation in the United States. Most are being produced and sold from overseas. This document looks at counterfeit IDs through the lens of national security and public safety and what steps can be taken to reduce the threat of counterfeit IDs.


The al-Qaeda training manual explicitly instructs operatives to obtain fake IDs – a key part of the process of their attacks. This directive was followed by the 9/11 terrorists, and these documents continue to be play a crucial operational role in many of the 60 major terrorist plots uncovered since. That's why the 9/11 Commission Report recommended that the loopholes that allow for terrorists to fraudulently obtain those documents need to be closed, as they use them like "weapons". Below are samples of CSDL research papers on this connection. To obtain a copy, please write to us at

Terrorism & Driver’s Licenses – A twelve-page explanation of how terrorists have used counterfeit and fraudulently obtained driver’s licenses in planning and perpetrating attacks worldwide.  This document also shows how US authorities have foiled other attacks thanks to driver’s license records and tough state identity requirements.