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In November 2013, the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License formally changed its name to Keeping IDentities Safe. Though our name has changed, our mission remains the same: help protect your identity.

We are changing our name to reflect our approach towards your personal identity. That means securing the driver’s license. Identity theft, fraud, terrorism, mortgage fraud - it all starts with the driver’s license. The driver’s license is an essential component of our everyday life.

You get that. You understand what a driver’s license means and we are very proud to call you a member of Keeping IDentities Safe. But too many people don’t get that. We are the only nonprofit aggressively striving for identity document security.

What we do isn’t glamorous. We don’t have celebrities helping us raise money on infomercials. But, we’re a lean and effective operation because of your support. And while much has been accomplished, there is more work to be done.

Over the last couple of years, over a dozen states have considered or passed legislation that would grant lower tier driver’s licenses to applicants without requiring proof of lawful presence. States from California to Maryland have looked at legislation that puts law abiding residents at risk by not ensuring that these licenses meet adequate security standards. We don't lobby, but CSDL has been on the front lines, invited to testify before state legislatures and meeting with the decision makers. We help to ensure that your identity is protected.

Though many states are moving towards compliance (DHS has certified 21 states as compliant - SUCCESS!), the Department of Homeland Security is STILL lagging in its duty to enforce the law and over half the states have yet to comply. The states have done the work, DHS has not. To make matters worse, REAL ID opposition is still strong and we need to overcome it. We need CSDL out front, every day, countering the opposition!