Who is Keeping IDentities Safe?

Keeping IDentites Safe is a 501 (c) (3), non-partisan, not for profit, crime prevention, educational charity based in Washington, D.C. Its central purpose is to raise public awareness that weak state systems for issuing driver's licenses and IDs increase the risk from foreign terrorists and domestic criminals who can fraudulently assume new identities to escape detection by law enforcement.

​Keeping IDentities Safe also educates and encourages parents to secure their children's identities, as well as provides information on the risks under-age persons incur when using a counterfeit or fraudulently obtained ID.

Why ID Security Matters to You!

Driver's licenses and IDs may not immediately come to mind when you think of yourself as a consumer, but businesses and individuals alike rely on these identity documents to prove who you are for a variety of financial transactions.The Coalition for a Secure Driver's License is one of the only consumer protection organizations focused on increasing the reliability of these documents and protecting ID holders from identity theft and fraud at all ages. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than 140 thousand children are victims of identity theft each year and children are 51 times more likely to have their Social Security Number stolen than adults.

Why a More Secure Driver's License?

  • Reference for security (TSA) safeguards against terrorists where entry is checked against watch lists, for example airports;​
  • More safeguards against identity fraud at banks and retailers;
  • Vital reference for authenticating identity of online subscribers to government healthcare sites;
  • Keeps habitual offenders with revoked driver’s licenses from driving under assumed names;
  • Allows retailers to deny sale of alcohol and tobacco products to minors, and to prevent trafficking of prescription and restricted drug sales;
  • Helps prevent felons from buying guns in violation of state laws.

What's the Problem?

Taxpayers absorb billions in costs each year, as imposters use counterfeit IDs to engage in tax and benefits fraud. Taxpayers also lose when employers and ineligible workers use counterfeit and fraudulent driver’s licenses to violate federal employment laws.Many identity thieves rely on counterfeit IDs to use fraudulently obtained credit cards or counterfeit gift cards.


Keeping IDentities Safe Statement of Purposes

The Statement of Purposes is Keeping IDentities Safe's mission statement. It describes our values and goals taken directly from the articles of incorporation.

What is a Secure Driver's License?

One issued only after the identity of the applicant has been confirmed by documentary proof and validated by reference systems (use of SSOLV, EVVE, SAVE). One that incorporates multi-level physical security features, such as counterfeit proof foils, laser engraving,holograms, hidden microprint and other security features only detectable with specialized equipment.